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Content Creation

Here at RLF we're thrilled to announce our optional content creator add-on! We love capturing authentic, behind-the-scenes moments from your special day—from vows and speeches to spontaneous dance floor moments. We’re there with you, capturing every precious moment. You've seen wedding content creators everywhere and might wonder if it's worth it-especially if you're not an influencer or don't use social media much. Allow us to explain why this investment is truly priceless. 

Timely Delivery

Receive your content within 24 hours! Browse through a gallery of photos and videos from your night while you await your professional photography and videography galleries.

Reduced Stress

Having a content creator lets you, your family, and friends fully enjoy the evening, being present in the moment with you and your significant other.

Consistent Coverage

Don't worry about missing any important moments or those little candid shots. With a professional on hand, you'll have a complete and beautiful record of your wedding day, capturing every special detail.

Memory Preservation

Not very active on social media? No worries! Most of our clients are everyday couples who want their day captured beautifully.

Creative Editing

Want a fun, trending reel of your wedding party? Our content creator is an expert at crafting seamless, effortless transition videos perfect for sharing with friends and family. 

What Our Clients Say

Kaitlyn + Kyle

"We loved having Reannon capture these. Love having all of the content to share until we get our gallery."
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