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How to Get the Best Details / Flatlay Photos

Wedding photography wedding videography stress-free wedding Capturing the essence of elegance and love in intricate wedding details and flat lays. Delicate flowers, sparkling rings, and curated mementos set the stage for a day filled with timeless romance.

🌟 Embark on a journey to transform your wedding detail photos from good to absolutely extraordinary! In this guide, we unveil the secret to creating awe-inspiring detail shots that truly reflect the essence of your special day. The key? Thoughtful curation and presentation. Discover the biggest difference between good and great wedding detail photos lies in the meticulous preparation and cohesion of the elements you provide your photographer.💍💌 #DetailPerfection #WeddingMagic

#1 - Rings, Rings, Rings! 💍

Ensure all rings are gathered together at the start of the day. Having them ready with the rest of your details avoids unnecessary delays and allows the photographer to seamlessly incorporate them into the shots.

#2 - Sparkle and Shine: Jewelry Galore! ✨

Gather all your accessories, including hairpieces, necklaces, earrings, and any other jewelry that completes your bridal look. This helps in creating a comprehensive narrative through your detail photos.

#3 - Double Trouble: Invitations and Save the Dates 💌

Provide two copies of your invitation suite or save the dates. Having duplicates allows for creative layering and showcasing both the front and back, adding depth to your detail shots.

#4 - Textiles and Ribbons: Colors of Your Theme 🎨

Include fabric scraps and ribbons in your wedding theme colors and/or that have personal significance to you. These elements add texture and coherence to your detail photos, weaving a visual story of your special day. Those scraps of your dress the seamstress left you from alterations? They could have a use after all! It's always best to have more to work with than less when it comes to your wedding flatlay. Photographers are, at the end of the day, artists! We enjoy piecing together all of the little things to create the best visual representation of the vibe of your wedding day.

#5 - Blooms for Perfection 🌸

Extra flowers or greenery elements matching your wedding theme can enhance the beauty of your detail shots. These floral accents bring a touch of nature and romance to the overall composition. Communicate with your photographer the arrival timeline of your florals (if you have them) so that we can budget our time for details accordingly. We love showcasing your bouquets, boutonnieres and overall floral theme when we have the materials available.

#6 - Ring Box Extravaganza 🎁

If you have a special ring box or boxes, include them! These unique containers can become standout features in your wedding detail photos, adding a personalized touch. If you have a themed wedding, this is another opportunity to get super creative with your wedding planning. There are so many cool options for containers for your jewelry! We had a Star Wars themed wedding where their ring box was a 3D printed death star (middle image below). Check out their full gallery here to see what other elements they included and more angles of this awesome addition to their flatlay.

#7 - The Bridal Ensemble 👰

Don't forget to include your bridal shoes, veil, and garter. These elements are not only integral to your overall look but also contribute to the completeness of your detail shots.

#8 - Seals of Love: Wax Seals and Stamps 💖

If you have wax seals or stamps, make sure they're on hand. These small yet significant details can infuse a sense of tradition and elegance into your wedding detail photos. When your putting your invitations together, make a couple of extra seals and throw them in your details box. If you work on putting some of these things together throughout the wedding process, it will be less overwhelming when you're in the final stages of preparing for the big day!

#9 - The Sentimental Touch: Vow Books and Letters 💌

Include your vow books and any letters exchanged. These personal touches add emotion and depth to your detail photos, capturing the essence of your commitment.

#10 - Fragrance of Love: Wedding Day Perfume 🌹

Your wedding day perfume holds memories. Including it in your detail photos not only adds a sensory dimension but also becomes a unique element in your visual narrative.

#11 - Cherished Mementos 🎀

Lastly, include any other little things that hold significance to you and your relationship. These personalized mementos contribute to the authenticity and individuality of your wedding detail photos. For example, I had a groom who proposed with a pebble (iykyk - if you don't, watch happy feet!) so that was included into their details. It's something that may not mean much to an outsider looking at these flatlay photos, but was a very significant item for the couple. Other common items in this same category are memory charms of lost loved ones. These are commonly placed on the handle of the bride's bouquet, or even clipped to the groom's bouttonieres. Having those you love and have lost close to you on one of the biggest days of your life is so special. We love highlighting that.

Elevating Your Wedding Detail Photos to Unforgettable Moments! 📸✨

By curating a thoughtfully prepared box with these key items, you're setting the stage for your photographer to capture not just the details, but the love, sentiment, and uniqueness of your special day. It's more than just an aesthetic image. Your wedding detail flatlay can tell an incredible story through the items you wore, carried, and chose specifically to represent yourselves as a couple that day

Drop a comment of something unique that you are including in your wedding details box! We'd love to hear and share your ideas with other upcoming couples!


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