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Think Outside the Bottle

What do you think of when you think of a setting for an "engagement session". My guess? Beaches, Woods, Barns, Beautiful Cityscapes...

But do any of those places tell your story? What if you could do your engagement session at the place where you met your significant other?

I must admit; when I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a post searching for a photographer to do an engagement session in an "ugly" environment, I was intrigued. I love a challenge!

I met Tammy and Drew at a little pharmacy in an office park in Palm Harbor this past weekend, and was pleasantly surprised with some of the lighting and inspiring bits and pieces at the location. But the true inspiration? The smooth, sweet vibe between them. They didn't miss a beat! They were laughing and joking, cuddling, acting as if I wasn't there in such an effortless way that I barely had to direct them at all.

Some of my favorite moments happened in-between the prompting. I'm talking about the hand that fell to rest on a thigh that it had called home many times before (at the perfect moment, of course); The Dr. Pepper we poured into coffee cups as a finishing touch for some gorgeous overhead shots; Me holding a door open with my foot so I could look like a forreal creeper by including the door in the shot haha.

We grabbed a few drinks at a local brewery and chit-chatted about life, their love story, and wedding plans. We went to this specific brewery because it was where they had their first kiss! So the first shot was a mistletoe kiss in front of the entrance to the brewery. Moment caught, right?

I seriously think there was a special energy about taking a proverbial stroll down memory lane during this session. Tammy and Drew seemed so much more connected because of it. We spent the couple of hours we were together talking about their love story, their family, wedding plans, etc. I left feeling like we were old friends by the end of it. That's all I could ever hope for when it comes to connecting with clients!

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